Full Stack Web Development

Program Overview

In modern day web development, more and more web developers are trying to apply traditionally front-end technologies to back-end and using JavaScript as the main language to create complicated web applications.

This course does not require any previous experience on computer programming. David will start to cover basics such as HTML(5) and CSS from scratch and then cover JavaScript in depth and gradually introduce back-end technologies like how to use NodeJS to set up servers. David will also introduce how to utilize web technologies to create mobile apps. The ultimate goal for this course is: after class, start career.

Upon completing Graphic Design and Presentation Skills program, the students will be able to:

  • Learn HTML(5) and CSS(3) from scratch: Create your first website.​
  • JavaScript and JQuery walk through: Make your website dynamic and responsive.
  • Learn and Understand NodeJS, Express and MongoDB : Build server part for your website.
  • Learn and Understand AngularJS: Create serious and complicated web applications.
  • Use Ionic to create Hybrid Apps: Create your own Android and IOS Mobile apps.


Hereunder is the list of courses that are being offered under this program. Courses with an asterisk can be offered in any sequence within the program/curriculum. Courses are offered at least once a year.
Courses/ Unit Titles Hours
Learn HTML(5) and CSS(3) From Scratch 50
JavaScript and JQuery Walk Through 75
Core Java Fundamentals 100
Spring Framework In Depth 150
Total 375

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